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The Chits Inn

Natural Throw Mess Cushion with Type 23 Frigate

Natural Throw Mess Cushion with Type 23 Frigate

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Buy this cushion and you'll have a seat wherever in the world that remotely resembles mother England. The Chits Inn mess cushion, it's home away from home with its classic, iconic design - see if you can spot some of our own unique details! You're guaranteed to find these anywhere across 3 counties but your privy might fee different because ours is none-other than a cozy navy canvas cover just for you! A perfect gift for sailors on leave or someone who needs an escape from their there.

Material: 100% unbleached cotton canvas.

- Self colour concealed zip.

- Sewn and printed in the UK.

5% of all our sales go to the RNRM Charity

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