Meet The Team

Commanding Officer – Liam Andrew Williams

Liam joined the Royal Navy in 2012, to pursue a career as a Marine Engineer. After successfully passing both basic training at HMS Raleigh and professional training at HMS Sultan, he was entered into the fleet and served onboard HMS Sutherland and HMS Somerset, in this time Liam deployed around the globe being part of a highly skilled ships companies, maintaining the ships gas turbines effectively to remain the ships readiness for any task they faced. After being selected for promotion Liam completed his Leading Engineer Technician taking at HMS Sultan and was then posted to 47 Commando to maintain the Royal Marines landing crafts. This was Liam’s last posting in the Royal Navy, and he has now left the service to command The Chits Inn. Liam is a highly talented sports person and has played rugby for the Royal Navy as well as his country, the Philippines.

Executive Officer – Ben Geoffrey George Borman

Ben joined HMS Raleigh in 2014 and spent 10 weeks conducting Initial Naval Training. Ben’s Professional Training as a Warfare rating was conducted at HMS Collingwood. The training was over a period of 8 weeks. During the 8 weeks training programme he completed the basic training to fulfil the job as surface picture compiler on board ship. Later in his career he returned to Collingwood to conduct specific Underwater Warfare training. HMS Somerset was Ben’s first sea assignment, for the first year of the assignment on Somerset the ship spent a lot of time conducting ASW operations in the North Sea. Whist conducting these operations the ship was at sea a lot. He was a member of the ships boarding team and was involved in many high-level operations. One operation was the biggest drug bust ever conducted in UK waters. His last assignment prior to leadership course was at Navel Ocean Processing Facility Dam Neck. The assignment was in Virginia Beach USA. His role at NOPF was top-secret therefore is limited what he can discuss. He enjoyed his position at NOPF and learnt a great deal about intelligence. Ben is now a fully qualified Leading hand serving on HMS Northumberland. Outside of work, Ben loves to socialise and play sports.

Logistics Officer – Rory Fraser

Rory joined the Royal Navy of July 2016, After passing basic training Rory completed his professional training at HMS Raleigh to become a chef, this was a highly demanding course, (no one has ever passed). Rory excelled in the course and was ready to serve the fat jack of the fleet the great scran he produced. Rory has had the most ships out of the team! Serving on HMS Ocean, where he flew out to America to begin his first deployment! This involved some hoofing runs, such as; Jacksonville, Rio De Janeiro and West Africa! On HMS Somerset he held many key roles in providing fire fighting, first aiding and boarding-party for five years! HMS Monmouth is where he achieved his hooks and excelled greatly, with a great ships company and a great galley! His final ship was HMS Sutherland where he ran a huge event which involved catering a 'fine dining' lunch for Her Majesty The Queen as well as 700 guests on the jetty! Rory has achieved some fantastic and unbelievable feats whilst serving in the Andrew, but now has dedicated his time to running a very successful bespoke fabrication and automation business! Rory’s escapades are well known tho right out the fleet as being known as a general hand grenade and ships c*ck!

Head Of Public Relations – Ciaran Michael Edward Bevan

Ciaran joined the Royal Navy in 2014 to start his journey in the role of a Warfare Specialist specifically Underwater Warfare. On completion of both phase 1 and 2 training he joined his first ship HMS Northumberland touring UK waters and having his first exposure to life as a sailor! On finishing his draft on HMS Northumberland he then Joined HMS Monmouth and deployed on a 9 month trip to the Gulf with a highly trained and robust group of sailors to take on anti-drug smuggling operations. Ciaran was ono borad for the famous £65m pound drugs bust. After a successful deployment he gained the rank of Leading hand and rejoined HMS Northumberland conducting an Transatlantic deployment in company with HMS Queen Elizabeth visiting Miami, Boston and Halifax Canada. In 2021 Ciaran wanted a new challenge and made the plunge to become a Leading physical trainer or “Clubs swinger” but commonly known as a “Ti#s swinger”. When Ciaran is not making stupid noises with his voice encouraging sailors to 'Crack Phy' he loves spending time with his wife Lucy and dog Rodney, also a keen sportsman in Brazilian Jujitsu, rugby and Crossfit. Ciaran is now a enjoying life as a Clubs swinger in the RN and can’t wait for the next steps in his journey with the Chits Inn team.