About Us

Welcome to The Chits Inn, the 'pub' that goes wherever you go! Over the past couple of years, the warm-embrace of a pub has been a distant memory to most of us. However, we want to always have that sense of community, so that's why we created The Chits Inn. 
Our vision of The Chits Inn is to be able to represent an old school salty jack-speaking matelot boozer and make the locals look fashionable wherever they venture!
We have designed Royal Navy inspired artwork to print on; organic, high quality products. We are conscious of climate change, so we're operating on a print-on-demand basis, so delivery time may be longer than expected. We'd rather do this than to waste our products.  
The story began with three sailors, all with a dream of broadening society with the Royal Navy way of life. The products you buy today are only the beginning of something we will turn into a successful business and way of life; we want you to join us on this journey and splice the main-brace to commemorate the start of something great.