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The Chits Inn

The Chits Inn Royal Navy 2024 Rugby Summer Boonie *Presale*

The Chits Inn Royal Navy 2024 Rugby Summer Boonie *Presale*

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Dive into the 2024 season with the Royal Navy Rugby Beach Collection's latest additions: the Boonies and Budgies. This limited edition series is a tribute to the adventurous spirit of the sea and the proud traditions of the Royal Navy, encapsulated in custom artwork that is both striking and symbolic.

Boonies >>> The Adventurer's Choice

- 2024 Design: The Boonies are crafted with a fresh design for 2024, featuring a modern twist on classic naval elements. The design is both functional and stylish, perfect for those who love to explore the outdoors.
- Custom Artwork: Each Boonie hat is adorned with custom artwork that reflects the valor and history of the Royal Navy. The artwork is carefully integrated into the design, making each piece a wearable piece of art.
- Limited Edition: As a limited edition item, the Boonies offer exclusivity and uniqueness. Owning one of these hats means you're part of a select group who appreciates the legacy of the Royal Navy.
- Durable Material: Made with high-quality materials, the Boonies are built to withstand the elements, whether you're on a beach, on a boat, or trekking through the wilderness.
- Comfortable Fit: Designed with comfort in mind, the Boonies provide a snug and secure fit, ensuring they stay in place during any activity.

This is a pre-sale, shipping will be from 10th April 202

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